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Mr Gregory Eugene McGowan, also known as Greg, J.D., serves as an Executive Vice President and the General Counsel at Templeton International Inc. Mr. McGowan serves as also an Executive Vice President at Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC. He serves as the Senior Vice President, the Executive Vice President of International Development and the Chief International General Counsel at Templeton Worldwide, Inc. Mr. McGowan serves as an Executive Vice President and Director of Templeton Global Advisors Limited. He joined Templeton Global Advisors Limited in 1986. He served as President at Templeton Global Govt., Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund and Templeton Global Income Fund since 1996. Mr McGowan served as a Venture Advisor at Zero Stage Capital. Prior to this, he served as a Senior Attorney for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr McGowan serves as a Director at Templeton Asset Management Limited. He has been non-executive Director at Templeton Global Growth Fund Ltd. since January 1999. He serves as a Director at Templeton International Inc., Templeton Worldwide, Inc., and Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited. He has been Director at GlobalCapital plc since July 13, 2017. Mr McGowan serves as Director of Franklin Templeton Investments Japan Limited, Templeton Investment Counsel LLC, Franklin Templeton International Services S.A., Franklin Templeton Investments Asia Limited and Franklin Templeton Holding Limited. He is a J. D. from Georgetown University Law Centre. Mr McGowan holds an M.A. degree from the University of Paris and a B.A. degree in Economics and International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania.

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